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With state of the art infrastructure facilities we process procured herbs which are in Crude form and deliver client only the prime quality. Our facilities process 14 Ton Senna leaves per day and do high grade pack for export. Solar driers are being used to dry herbs.

With well-equipped machinery, we process all herbal items in tcut form, sizes of the tcuts are from 14 mess to 80 mess.

We have a well-equipped laboratory, which consists of latest machines and equipments to examine the various quality parameters. Our products adherence to International quality parameters can be verified from our satisfied customers.


We source herbs from growers committed to quality. Customers are assured of the international quality standards of products, as it passes through stringent quality checks. Using our in-house labs, we perform rigorous tests on every product to ensure that our products are rich in their ingredients, aroma, colour, taste and nutrition values.

Our products meet various standards of quality and are known amidst our clients for their unadulterated quality. Stress is given for the herbs grown with natural, bio- fertilizers and the farmers are constantly educated not to use pesticides and Chemical fertilizers. ETO Test reports are sent to the clients on request.