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About Us

Herbal products are natural & they are celebrated all over the world for their unique quality to promote health and well being in a safe and effective way. People being aware of herbs lasting cure without harmful side effects started using botanical therapies that are natural and pure to cope with ailment and health complaints.

Limitless health benefits, and being a safer alternative to prescription medications, have raised the demand for it globally. Looking to the rising demand for Herbal products most countries across the Globe Mr. Ans. Anandhan - Proprietor of Maharaja Enterprise who served domestic clients from 1986 with quality Herbal products envisioned to export the herbs for the Global wellness and ventured into herbal export business in 2008.

Hailing from a farmer family in Gankaikondan of Tirunelvelli district and strategically located at Tuticorin, a place noted for herb resource he has sound knowledge & experience to procure herbs of fine direct form the farms.

Our Strength

  • Constantly expanded product portfolio
  • Professionalism at work
  • Timely delivery of bulk consignments
  • Responsive communication services
  • Competitive prices

By offering quality products at best market prices, we have built a cordial business relationship with our customers such as Botanical Neutracueticals. USA, Martin Bauer, German, Novartis Pharmaceuticals – Switzerland. Our commitment to work on ‘fair trade practice’ has made us excel the graph of business growth in short span of time. Our teams experience and knowledge in the concerned domain has enabled us to earn an over whelming response from client all over the world.

Our Motto

Customer’s satisfaction and fulfilling their needs with prompt delivery.